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About Iron-A-Way


IRON-A-WAY's built-in ironing centers are professionally designed with the consumer in mind. Included in every wall mounted ironing center are the most premium sets of features that allow for the utmost ironing board ease and comfort when ironing.

In today's busy lifestyles, the demand for innovative durable products has helped make many homes function more efficiently and with less effort. IRON-A-WAY's built-in ironing centers are expertly crafted to provide these innovative features neatly tucked out of sight. The ironing centers are built with unmatched qualities and performance proven features that has not only improved ironing convenience, but has redefined the old fashion way of ironing.

The hide-away ironing boards eliminates the drudgery of ironing clothes the old fashioned way. You know when you must find space to setup the "ironing board beast." Then you proceed to look for the iron and a convenient electrical outlet. You've ironed your first garment and are ready for the next, but where do you hang it. Now you've finished ironing and must take time to fold up the ironing board and put it back into its storage location. Ah, yes leaving the iron on the counter to cool, and then finally after the cool down putting the iron in a safe place. Sounds as if it's certainly a chore in deed!

The old is new again when you iron with an IRON-A-WAY built-in ironing center. You just open the door, lower the board, and you're ready. It's that easy! Once you've installed an IRON-A-WAY built-in ironing center you'll understand why IRON-A-WAY has truly turned the "ironing board beast" into a built-in convenience.


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