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Extra Step for LST Steel Scissor Ladders - Step for LST 22X31, 22X47, 22X54, 25X47, 25X54
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Extra Step for LST Steel Scissor Ladders - Step for LST 27/31, LST 30/54
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Metal Scissor Insulated Folding Attic Ladder
LST attic ladder delivers an easy and safe entrance to the attic - The scissors construction makes ladder folding possible. A 1-3/8" finished, thick and, white wooden door with an estimated R value of 5.2 considerably decreases heat loss - A peripheral seal in the lower part of the box assures first-class tightness - The S-shaped strings not only give this attic ladder a modern look but they also perform the role of a handrail helping to climb the ladder - The scissors system of folding the ladder and the possibility to lock the hatch in a fully open position ensure an ease and safety of operation - Max load: 300lbs - 1-3/8" thick insulated white finished wooden door helps to reduce energy costs approximate R value 5.2 - Door is equipped with rubber gasket - Patented door hinge system significantly improves safety, stability, and toughness - All hardware fully hidden after installation - Nearly undetectable integrated locking rod - Metal opening and closing rod included - High quality materials and craftsmanship
Out of Stock