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Extra Step for LSF 22x47
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Extra Step for LSF 25x47
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Metal Scissor Fire Rated Attic Ladder
LSF is a fire-resistant ladder which allows an easy and safe access to the attic, and at the same time serving as a fire block during a fire inside of the building - A contemporary system of folding of the ladder enables the ladder to be folded to smaller lengths and therefore allows smaller sizes of loft hatch to be attained - The inner part of the frame is equipped with a gasket, which under the influence of high temperature expands and prevents the smoke from entering the higher floors - Max load: 300lbs - 2-1/8" thick insulated metal white finished door helps to reduce energy costs - Expandable fireproof gasket seals the entire unit, when the temperature from the fire is rising - Fireproof door EI2 60 minutes - When attic stairs door open, side springs drop along with it allowing wider unhindered access to the attic - All hardware fully hidden after installation - Nearly invisible integrated locking latch - Metal opening and closing rod included - High quality materials and craftsmanship
Out of Stock